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Bilingual Evaluations

We contract directly with school districts to provide comprehensive speech and language evaluations for children who speak Spanish.  Evaluations include in-depth testing of a range of communication skills, consultation with district staff, receipt of a detailed clinical report, recommended IEP goals and recommended classroom accommodations.  

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Evaluation Goals

Bilingual speech and language evaluations are designed to help districts answer the following questions for the purposes of eligibility determinations and service provision decision making:

  • Is the student demonstrating signs/symptoms of a speech and/or language delay or disorder?

  • Is the student demonstrating signs/symptoms of ongoing second language acquisition rather than a delay or disorder?

  • What are the specific areas of strength and need for this child?

  • In what ways is the child's use of Spanish impacting her clinical presentation and participation in the classroom environment?

  • What specialized supports and services are appropriate for this student?


1) Contact Katie Stuepfert to request an evaluation.

2) Receive a contract for approval by district administration.

3) Upon receipt of a signed contract, Katie will gather background information from the student's educational team and schedule a date to travel to the school to complete an evaluation.

4) Evaluation is completed, including collecting a case history from the parents, classroom observation, adminstration of appropriate standardized evaluation tools and informal evaluations such as language sampling.

4) Detailed clinical report is submitted to the student's educational team, including recommendation for eligibility finding, detailed information about language skills and needs and recommended IEP goals and accommodations (if appropriate).

5) Invoice is submitted to the district for payment.

Current fees for a bilingual evaluation are available upon request.  Billable activities include all direct evaluation time, consultation with district staff and travel.

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